Hunnam, Blanchett and Waltz for Hillcoat’s Triple Nine


I’m thinking Aussie director John Hillcoat carries cash on him; dude seems to be able to easily attach big names to his projects right off-the-bat.

“The Road” and “Lawless” helmer has snagged Cate Blanchett, Charlie Hunnam and Christoph Waltz for his next project, “Triple Nine”.

The movie – ‘Triple Code’ is the code cops use when one of them needs assistance – is a gritty law-enforcers yarn that involves some sort of heist. Teeth will grind.

The Wrap, who broke the casting news, says of the plot :

Story follows a group of thieves who plan to kill a young LAPD cop to divert the police away from a daring heist they’re perpetrating across town.
Hunnam will play the targeted officer, while Waltz is in talks to play Hunnam’s uncle, a fellow cop investigating the criminals. Blanchett would play the juicy role of a notorious mobster’s Lady Macbeth-esque wife who’s really pulling the strings behind the heist.

Apparently earlier incarnations of the flick had Shia LaBeouf, Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine circling – not at the same time, I don’t believe – but Hillcoat has ended up with just as nice a cast.
How many minutes until Guy Pearce is announced as also being involved? C’Mon, he’s gotta be involved – he’s the De Niro to Hillcoat’s Scorsese.