Comic-Con 2013 : Riddick


Universal had Vin Diesel, as well as cast and crew of “Riddick”, promote their upcoming “Pitch Black” threequel today.

Joining the muscular Diesel on stage were David Twohy, who reminded the audience he was at Comic-Con years ago for the first film in this franchise, and actress Katee Sackhoff.

This one was conceived without the assistance of a studio.

“Not having a studio was daunting,” said Twohy. “Creative meetings were in Vin’s kitchen. We knew we didn’t have all the money in the world for this one, so we made it a survival story.”

The film sees Riddick and Sackhoff’s character Doll going up against creatures, among other threats, on a planet.

Sackhoff says Riddick might be “the most dangerous thing on the planet, [but he’s] not the worst thing on the planet.”

Asked what drives Riddick, Diesel replied “Grrr”.

As for that Marvel movie news that Diesel has been hinting to in recent weeks? “I’ll say this: big news at the end of the month…” the actor said.

The new restricted trailer for the film was screened, and that’s now online :