Comic-Con 2013 : Veronica Mars

We see footage! We hear Ryan Hansen crack jokes! We love this cast!

The cast and crew of “Veronica Mars” appeared before a packed-out audience for their much-anticipated panel.

Footage was shown, jokes were had, and “Godfather Part III” comparisons were had.

While the footage didn’t offer any hints on what the plot is about, it did give away a few titbits :
– Veronica (Kristen Bell) is now a lawyer. In one scene we see her going in for a job with the interviewer played by Jamie Lee Curtis (!).
– Veronica gets about in a trench-coat; very ‘Bored to Death’.
– Logan’s the one asking for help. “I need your help, Veronica”, we hear him say. “I don’t really do that anymore”, she replies.
– Veronica will dance.
– There’s a memorable encounter between Veronica and Madison,
– Martin Starr plays a new character named Cobb Cobbler, who gets about with Dick (Ryan Hansen).
Thomas said the movie has a somewhat “Godfather Part III” vibe to it, with our lead being pulled back into the line of work she’s been trying to stay away from.

“Part of the movie is her getting pulled back into this life that she thought she’d left behind.”

Thomas, who said one of his early ideas was just doing like an Agatha Christie-style mystery, set within one room, featuring only the core characters (not guest members), instead realized the movie would work better as something bigger, with lots of surprises, and anyone and everyone from the show making some sort of appearance.

“I’m a fan of the show, I kind of know what the pleasure zones are for ‘Veronica Mars’ viewers, and I wrote to those.”

The banter between the cast and crew on the panel was infectious; everyone in the room had a good time.

Chris Lowell, reprising his role as ‘Piz’, suggested he’s quite aware that everyone’s hoping Veronica ends up back with Logan. In order to get on their good side, he showed off his T-Shirt – it stated ‘Team Logan’.

Bell’s first scene was with Dohring. They stared at each other on set, wondering ‘Are we really here right now? Are they allowing us to do this?’ the actress recalled.

Bell’s first line as Veronica on the movie? “Charming drink names. I can’t decide between a Beast With Two Backs or a Donkey Punch. Oh, do you think they would let me order a Virgin De-Virginator?”

Francis Capra, who reprises his role as Weevil, says he never expected the show to come back. He especially didn’t think his career would come back.

“I thought you guys didn’t know who I was anymore”, he said, adding that it probably feels as if he fell off the face of the earth when the series was cancelled.

Tina Majorino, back as ‘Mac’, showed off her fake Mohawk (for the movie).

The actress, behind one of the show’s most popular characters, says her first day was great – it was like a reunion with old buddies. “It was the most exciting day. And it happened the whole day, and every day for me on the set has been so appropriate.”

Enrico Colantoni, who plays Keith Mars, says he says Kristen Bell often enough, so this wasn’t their long-awaited reunion; they’re friends in real life.

“Kristen and I hang out at hockey games together,” he explains. “I think Rob intentionally waited for the Keith Mars character to come after the second and third week. Let all them have fun, and then daddy comes home.”
Seems these two do have a close relationship, just as Keith and Veronica do.

“It’s easy to just look at her and have this paternal thing for her. Now that she’s a mama, we have more to talk about.”
(Hansen shouts out ‘MILF!’ to many, many laughs from the audience).

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