Comic-Con : Highlights from the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Press Conference


Watch out! There’s a foodimal behind you! Seriously, this is comic con, crazy shit happens, ya know?

“Cloudy” was a childhood fave book of mine so I was excited to see what the filmmakers might have in store for the sequel and Bill Hader, Anna Faris, Terry Crews and the directors sat down to talk to press about picking up where they left off.

Highlights of the press conference:

– Directors tried to avoid pitfalls of a typical animated sequel with a new tone of a monster movie.
– When asked if their Characters changed- Anna Faris said her character “has more of a crush on Flint but that he might take her for granted – yeah it happens.”
-Congrats were given to Hader for his Emmy nom, said he was asleep when he heard the news and was woken up by 4:45am congrats and to do press
– When Hader was asked if he regrets leaving SNL he responded that he wants to live with his wife and family in LA. His advice from ex-SNLer’s was that the change will hit him in September when shooting would normally pick-up. “I’ve been told it’s like watching your own funeral.”
-Terry says his career has been like a Harlem shake video, since he used to be in pro sports and is amazed at his own action figure.
-Anna Farris said the directors were great to work with on animated feature and they walk you through every single beat.
-Terry said he needed to be calmed down because a lot came through his voice, very high energy! Whereas, Hader mentioned his biggest note was for more energy since his personality is so low energy, “every line is scream,” he said.
– Hader and Faris agreed VoiceOver with animation is a different kind of concentration opposed to live action.