Comic-Con : Highlights from the RoboCop Press Conference


The ”Robocop” reimagining has some big boots to fill, what with such a large fan base of the original 80’s cult classic, myself included; the cast gathered for press to talk man, machine, and the moral themes of the the new “Robocop.” Samuel L. Jackson was in fine form, as always, as was Michael Keaton, Abbie Cornish, Joel Kinnaman, and director Jose Padilha.

Press conference highlights:

-When asked if audiences could look forward to any iconic one liners as seen in the 80s flick, the director, Jose, gave props to the original, saying it was very ironic and smart, Joel piped in, with the promise that although they kept several lines, it wouldn’t be fair to adopt the same tone as the original and thought it would be disrespectful. So while “your move creep” might be kept out of the reboot, sounds like some more classic lines might’ve stuck.

-Samuel L. Jackson’s favorite movie is “Hardboiled.”

-The director, Jose, got into some philosophical business, discussing the cost of men in war and to imagine the history of war if robots were sent in instead. Would Vietnam have ended? He also commented on how corporations essentially own the government today.

-Samuel L. Jackson was hilarious when a reporter asked Abbie Cornish a question about another film she’s working on. He said, “That’s bullshit, go to that press conference, not fair.”

-Abbie Cornish shredded the original “Robocop” VHS up when she was younger and when asked about the shoot, she said it was her easiest yet because everyone was so prepared.

– When the cast was asked if there was a particular scene shoot that was memorable, Joel said his was the awakening sequence and the disbelief of his new reality scenes that were demanding but rewarding, and working so close with Gary Oldman.

– Micheal Keaton confirmed: I am batman by the way. He also mentioned that while he was hesitant at first of coming into another iconic story, that he chose it based on the script and he was a fan of directors work.

-When asked what sets this apart from the original, Samuel L. Jackson said the film has a moral backbone, like the original, but it’s also very entertaining.