Comic Con : 15 Things We Learnt from the 300 : Rise of an Empire Press Conference


In addition to their participation in the Warner Bros panel, Eva green, Sullivan Stapleton, Rodrigo Santoro and director Noam Murro sat down with press to chat about the upcoming sequel to “300” here at Comic-Con.

Here are some highlights from the press conference:

1. he director, Noam Murro said “300” had a very distinct style and he wanted to honor it. He could always use it as a point of reference and there was enough DNA to pull from and build on it for the sequel.

2. Aussie boy Sullivan said he loved first “300” and was honored to be a part of this epic film.

3. Eva Green enjoyed doing her first action role and said it was a challenging and fun to be violent, cut people in half, lots of fun! While Rodrigo Santoro was excited there was more backstory of his character in this film.

4. A lot of imaginary, army and scenery was in post, which gave them opportunities to manipulate water, and eased the complexity of telling story on water. Director said they didn’t shoot one day with water.

5. Eva loved that her character doesn’t do anything half way, is obsessed with vengeance, but still likes that she has cracks in the armor, she’s ruthless and bad ass. The director also commented that it’s rare to find a ruthless and unapologetic female character nowadays.

6. Sullivan had 10 weeks of training before shooting and trained for an hour and half on swords alone, along with some really tough warmups that some of the producers and even director joined in on!

7. When the director was asked about accuracy in the mythology he commented that he’s going to get a couple of letters, but that can be part of the liberating part, that you’re telling a story based on history and it’s really told through a perspective and more specifically, a storytellers perspective.

8. Frank miller wasn’t on set but Zack Synder was around to consult and was incredibly helpful throughout the process.

9. Rodrigo, the only actor to return from the first “300” said nothing was really easier or harder this time around, except maybe preparing for the role and not being able to eat ice cream. He said the most interesting thing was revisiting this character six years later.

10. Eva Green trained with double swords two months before the shoot!