J.J Abrams leaving Star Wars Episode VII!?


Put the phone down, Wiseman.

Has Yoda laid a dirty green poop egg on the next “Star Wars” movie?

Word from Bad Ass Digest is that Hollywood wunderkind JJ Abrams might be considering exiting his post as director on the heavily-anticipated “Star Wars Episode VII”. Though already associated with that other “Star” series, the bespectacled Bad Robot CEO received a great response from the interntians when he was announced for the gig earlier this year. Losing him will be a skid mark to Vader’s pants.

According to the site, the “Star Trek” director has got a case of the McG’s – who, you’ll recall, famously exited a ‘Superman’ movie because he didn’t want to shoot it outside of America – unhappy with the studio’s decision to shoot the movie outside of the states; in this case, in the UK. Being in London for so long with the Skywalker family film means Abrams will be away quite a spell from his own family – no, not his Orci & Kurtzman, his real family! – and, of course, Greg Grunberg. That, apparently, he’s struggling with.

But also, Abrams is rumoured to be still considering directing “Star Trek 3” which, according to the attached actors (even Simon Pegg, who I had a chat with last week, and he reiterated this), is a go for next year. How can the man seriously be considering doing two hugely high-profile blockbusters in the space of twelve months!? It’s logically impossible!….unless, of course, he’s already quietly exited one of them.

Meanwhile, Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stenz are said to be onboard “Trek 3” as writers. They’ll be working as underlings to Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman, apparently, who are too slammed to give the project their full attention. Aside from the upcoming “Thor” sequel, Miller and Stenz worked on Abram’s “Fringe”.

Hopefully Abrams will offer a denial in regards to that “Star Wars” rumour before this post is live. Or maybe five minutes after, so my typing hasn’t been for nothing.