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Van Damme classics Kickboxer and Bloodsport being remade

Stephen Fung and James McTeigue directing, respectively

While Jean-Claude Van Damme continues on his plight to make a sequel to his 1991 flick “Double Impact” (some kind of inter-studio fickle dickle holding that up), most of his back-catalog seems to be getting the Hollywood do-over elsewhere.

On the tail of an announcement that his 90’s science-fictioner “TimeCop” is being rebooted, Van Damme now has to read that his best two flicks, martial-arts blockbusters “Kickboxer” and “Bloodsport” are getting the remake treatment. Enough to make a grown muscles from Brussels cry.

According to Deadline, Stephen Fung (“Tai Chi Zero”) will direct the “Kickboxer” franchise reboot, with production likely to get up early next year. Jim McGrath and Dimitri Logothetis (”Air America”) are on writing duties.

Meantime, Relativity and “V for Vendetta” helmer James McTeigue are teaming for a remake of “Bloodsport”. This one will differ quite a bit from the original, says the site :

Van Damme played American Army officer Frank Dux, whose training in the art of ninjutsu helps him battle Chong Li (Bolo Yeung) in the underground Hong Kong tournament known as the Kumite. Relativity’s version will instead focus on the morally-conflicted life of 21st century mercenaries who clash with the underground world of Brazilian Vale Tudo, the martial arts style used by Donald Gibb’s character in the original film. Robert Kamen wrote the script from a story by Kamen and Phillip Noyce which Craig Rosenberg will rewrite under McTeigue’s guidance.

Can only be days away from a “Sudden Death” remake announcement, right?

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