Gosling’s reps deny Star Wars rumor


So, no shirtless, brooding Skywalker Jr then!?

Ryan Gosling’s reps are denying yesterday’s report – originating from Latino Review – that the “Only God Forgives” actor is up for the role of Luke Skywalker’s son in “Star Wars Episode VII”.

The rumour stated that Gosling and Zac Efron were up for roles in the J.J Abrams directed movie. Leonardo DiCaprio had also been approached, but had officially passed.

The Huffington Post, who contacted Gosling’s people and printed the response, followed the denial up with a recent quote by Gosling who states that he’s looking to take a break from acting for a while – having done back-to-back films for the past couple of years.

So, end of story? Well, unless representatives of Gosling are lying? And surely they wouldn’t… right?

Zac Efron’s reps aren’t talking.