The films of 2004 now being remade; first up, The Butterfly Effect!


With 2004 being like, oh, so 9 nine years ago… Hollywood’s looking at what films from that prehistoric time they can now remake. While Quentin Tarantino quickly makes sure the rights to “Pulp Fiction” can’t be exploited, FilmEngine and Benderspink have joined forces with “Butterfly Effect” writer-director Eric Bress to make a redo of that movie.

The original, you may recall, starred Ashton Kutcher as a young man who travels through time trying to fix the wrongs in his life but ultimately he only makes things worse for himself and anyone around him. Amy Smart, Ethan Suplee and Eric Stoltz co-starred.

Two direct-to-DVD sequels followed.

According to Variety, there’s no director or time-traveler set yet.