Ben Foster to play Lance Armstrong in Stephen Frears film


Ben Foster, so good as a villain in movies like “3:10 to Yuma” and “Hostage”, is playing disgraced sportsman Lance Armstrong in a new movie from “Grifters” director Stephen Frears.

Unlike the other Armstrong biopics in the works, this one will concentrate largely on the scandal Armstrong found himself caught up in when it was revealed he had used performance-enhancing drugs.
The picture, set up at Working Title, would also fix on the cyclist’s battle with testicular cancer.

John Hodge (“Trainspotting”) is attached to write the screenplay, according to Deadline.

At least two other Armstrong films are in the works, one from producer J.J Abrams and another one from “Recount” helmer Jay Roach.

I’m pretty confident Foster has the chops for what will surely be a meaty, dramatic role.

The only question left is, who’s on board to play Sheryl Crow?