Vin Diesel is the World’s Most Wanted


Fresh from Comic-Con, and all those Marvel rumors (which company chief Kevin Feige has responded to with ‘erm, what!? What’s that dude on about!?’), Vin Diesel has emerged with news he can actually talk about. And likely will. Then talk some more.

According to Deadline, Universal has nabbed the action-franchiser for the leading role in “World’s Most Wanted.”
No word on what this thing is about; I guess the title really speaks for itself – car crashes, explosions, and the “World’s Most Wanted” man? So… yes, it’s “xXx”.

The action adventure flick will get a rewrite by Dan Mazeau, who’s responsible (let’s get him!) for “The Wrath of the Titans”, with Diesel’s “Fast and Furious” producer Neal Moritz attached.
Wonder whether Diesel has opted to do this over the third “xXx”?