Shannyn Sossamon joins Shyamalan’s Wayward Pines


’90S movie-regular Shannyn Sossamon (“A Knight’s Tale”) has been enlisted for M.Night Shyamalan’s event-series “Wayward Pines”.

says Sossamon, currently on the TV soap “Mistresses”, will play the lead character’s wife in the series.

Based on a best-selling novel, Wayward Pines is an intense, mind-bending thriller about Secret Service agent Ethan Burke (Dillon), who arrives in the bucolic town of Wayward Pines, ID, on a mission to find two missing federal agents. But instead of answers, Ethan’s investigation only turns up more questions as he faces the terrifying reality that he may never get out of Wayward Pines alive. Sossamon, repped by APA and Oren Segal, will play Theresa Burke, Ethan’s wife. Theresa, who met Ethan when she was a trainee in the Secret Service, left the Service to raise their son Ben

Carla Gugino, Terrence Howard, Toby Jones and Melissa Leo are also in the series.