10 Breaking Bits

10 Breaking Bits

10 Breaking Bits
Brooke Campbell

1. Will “Wanted 2″ ever happen? Writer Mark Millar doesn’t know. “What’s going on is there have been four screenplays. Because the first made so much money. One was written immediately after, and they were trying to find some way of making Angelina Jolie come back, because Angelina was a big deal. It’s a bit like doing Spider-Man without Spider-Man. So they were trying to think of some way of resurrecting her, but it would be kind of shit to resurrect her; what’s cool is her death. To just bring her back for the box office is the wrong reason. So we went through a couple of drafts where there was a lame version of that, but now they’ve got a great screenplay that got handed in about three weeks back. And it doesn’t use Angelina at all, it’s all the other characters. The idea is that, if all goes well, it’ll start production in the spring. But it’s still got a couple of hoops to go through, there’s some revisions happening in the screenplay, but it’s almost there now. So no Angelina, but McAvoy’s become a bigger deal through X-Men and things. McAvoy will be there. But you need two other big stars – we had Morgan Freeman and Angelina last time. It’s by no means sealed or anything, but Kristen Stewart’s been talking about doing it. And it’s a great role for her, actually. I know she doesn’t immediately spring to mind for an action movie, but the journey her character goes on is a brilliant one, and it ties in really well with that universe. My daughter’s delighted as well, because she’s 14 and loves Twilight.” Den of Geek

2. Action-movie veterans Millennium Films (“The Expendables”, “Rambo’) have picked up the action spec “South China Sea” by Kerry Williamson. The movie, initially set up at Disney, tells “of the pirates in Asia’s South China Sea, where freighters are boarded, repainted, renamed and reflagged by buccaneers, who then pull into ports and drive off with the goods. The story centers on a detective who must team up with an American expat on death row to track down the American’s son, who stole a ship that was already stolen and was being used by Triad gangs.” (THR)

3. When “Sharknado 2″ gets up (and it will get up!) Tara Reid will, contrary to rumours, likely be asked back. (THR)

4. “RoboCop” (2014) merchandise gives us our first decent-look at what the new metal-man looks like. There’s more pictures here

5. Alec Baldwin said he turned down a role in a big Summer 2013 Marvel movie. Which one do you think it was? “Captain America : The Winter Soldier”? (maybe he was originally offered Robert Redford’s role?) or maybe the upcoming “X-Men : Days of Future Past”? We’ll have to make sure to ask him if we get the opportunity to interview him. (The Howard Stern Show)

6. Apparently Brody (Damien Lewis) isn’t going to be in much of “Homeland”s third season. Sigh. (TV Guide)

7. Jamie Foxx wants to play ‘Spawn’ in a remake of the comic-book movie… and what Jamie Foxx wants, Jamie Foxx gets.. maybe. (Movies.Com)

8. “Under the Dome” is getting a second season, whether it’s warranted or not. (Aint it Cool)

9. The well-received “Texas Chainsaw 3D” is going direct-to-DVD and Blu-ray in Australia; EzyDVD has it listed for a September 25 release.

10. “OldBoy” is being delayed a month; it’ll now release Thanksgiving eve – Nov 27.

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10 Breaking Bits
Brooke Campbell

Experienced in the art of journalism, marketing, and making up excuses for not having to eat my Brussels Sprouts.

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