The Flash returning to Television


Umpteen years after all that talk about a “Flash” movie starring Ryan Reynolds did the rounds, there’s movement on a TV series incarnation of the popular DC Comics character.

Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and director David Nutter are spearheading “Flash” for a launch sometime next year, says Deadline. Berlanti, Kreisberg and DC Entertainment’s Geoff Johns will write the pilot, with “X-Files” vet David Nutter directing.

The CW’s Mark Pedowitz says the series will be a Barry Allen origin story; Allen will be introduced on TV’s “Arrow” then spin-off into his own show.

“We want to expand the DC universe of characters,” he said.

“Barry Allen’s story always has been a favorite of mine,” Berlanti said, “as well as of Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns.” He confirmed that Barry, who will recur on Arrow next season, will show up around episode 8 or 9 and that casting on the project will begin this week. “We wanted everyone to know about the show as that process commenced,” Berlanti said. Why The Flash? “We think it fits well both in terms of (Arrow) and (as a stand-alone series).”

Berlanti is also developing a feature film version of “The Flash” for Warner Bros, due 2016. The “Arrow” alum will direct said project.

Anyone remember the old “Flash” series with John Wesley-Shipp, from the ’90s?