Torv, Leigh set for Ryan Murphy’s Open


Australia’s Anna Torv and “Weeds” star Jennifer Jason Leigh are set to star in Ryan Murphy’s sexuality series “Open”, says The Hollywood Reporter.

“Fringe” star Torv and Leigh, also known for her roles in films such as “Single White Female” and “Last Exit to Brooklyn”, play lovers on the HBO show.

“Torv will play Windsor, a yoga instructor in a long-term relationship with Holly (Leigh), but upon meeting Grace feels an instant connection. Leigh’s Holly is described as an actress intensely committed to her career.”

Scott Speedman (“Last Resort”) and Wes Bentley (“Hunger Games”) are also in the series.

Speedman plays ”a sports agent named Jonathan, who is married to Grace, a gynecologist who is confused about her sexuality after a tryst with Windsor (Torv)” while Bentley is “Evan, a handsome blowhard who loves espousing his theories on human sexuality.”

HBO ordered “Open” to series in April.