10 Breaking Bits


1. Finally, someone’s come up with a Mr. Movies-like www resource for Australia! Rather than having to go searching for individual movie house websites looking for session times, wouldn’t it be good to have a website that featured every cinema and every film, with the ability to book tickets then-and-there!? As someone that’s spent many head-beating hours scrolling through the listings on the Village website, before moving over to Readings, and then Hoyts, and then… well, you get the picture, I’m psyched that is up!

The website is called www.movietimes.com.au and it’s all the major cinema chains and independents grouped together as a one stop shop; there, you can shop to compare and buy tickets. It’s much like one of those travel websites, where you can compare airline prices or hotel prices!

2. Dimension Films and IM Global  announced today that Dimension has acquired U.S. distribution rights to the horror thriller “Pest”, directed by Mark Tonderai from IM Global and Blumhouse Productions.  Octane, the genre division of  IM Global, a subsidiary of Indian conglomerate Reliance ADA, will fully finance the film which will be produced by Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions and Sherryl Clark of Busted Shark.  “Pest” is based on Barbara Marshall’s original screenplay, which appeared on the Black List, the Blood List, and the Hit List in 2012.  Discussions are underway for the lead roles with some top talent in consideration.

In “Pest”, when a deadly virus invades their hometown, a teen documents her family’s new life in quarantine and tries to protect her infected sister as society begins to crumble outside. “I was captivated by Marshall’s screenplay. There is a complicated family drama amidst a terrifying and tense story of an outbreak that is unleashed.  I’m excited to be working with Jason Blum and Stuart Ford again to bring this terrifying thriller to audiences,” said Bob Weinstein, co-chairman of The Weinstein Company.

3.Australian reality star, supermodel and paparazzi favorite, Sophie Turner, will be starring in a supernatural thriller entitled “Something in the Dark”. The movie tells of

mysterious goggles which allow a blind woman to see ghosts. Glimpsing Death itself, she must discover why it has come for her. You can find out more about the local movie, which won’t contain any dialogue, here.

4. Popcorn Taxi is holding a Sydney Q&A and screening of “Upstream Color” with director Shane Carruth. More details here.

5. Denis Leary is set and Vanessa Hudgens is in talks to front “The Kitchen Sink”, a horror comedy about a vampire and zombie who band together when aliens invade (The Wrap)

6. Upcoming young adult novel “Elusion” is set to go big screen with Silver Reel and FlynnPictureCo. securing the rights (Deadline)

7.  David Oyelowo and David Gyasi have boarded Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” (The Wrap)

8. Ruth Wilson is joining Dominic Cooper in Showtime’s series “The Affair” (Coming Soon)

9. A spin-off of the CW’s “Supernatural” is a go (Deadline)

10.  Mark Wahlberg was asked by MTV whether the ‘Dinobots’ might appear in “Transformers 4”. Here’s his answer