Star Trek 3 director rumours : Is it Chu’s? or is it Wyatt’s?


The oft-correct Latino Review reported earlier today that Jon M.Chu, the “Step Up” director who moved onto bigger, more manly things like this year’s “G.I Joe : Retaliation”, is the frontrunner to direct Paramount’s next “Star Trek movie”.

While we know there’s likely going to be a new director onboard the franchise for it’s 2014 relaunch – J.J Abrams, who directed the previous two “Trek” movies, will be too busy with the new “Star Wars” movie next year to return to the Enterprise – this is the first anyone’s heard of Chu being top of a wish-list.

A site called Cinemattalica backs up Latino Review’s claim, saying they’ve also heard Chu is in the mix to be Abrams’ successor, but they also add that he’s not the studio’s top pick. According to these guys, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” director Rupert Wyatt is who Paramount wants to helm “Trek 3″.

”While our source couldn’t confirm one way or another, it seems entirely likely that Jon’s name has been leaked as a prospective choice in order to coax their actual primo draft pick into finally signing a contract”, says Cinematallica. “So who’s the real golden boy?”

So, there you have it, the definitely-happening sequel to “Star Trek Into Darkness” will likely be directed by one of these guys… or maybe one of the other ten usual suspects on that wishlist.