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Steven Spielberg dodges American Sniper

Spielberg and Warner Bros argue over the budget for the true story of Chris Kyle

Likely because he wanted quite a lot to play with, coupled with Warner Bros’ alleged fortitude to save up every penny for that big-budget ‘Superman vs. Batman’ movie, Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros won’t be doing business together on the war hero biopic “American Sniper”, according to THR.

Spielberg was to direct Bradley Cooper – still attached – as Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the late soldier who has the record for the most kills by an American soldier on enemy territory.

With the budget disagreement, Spielberg not only leaves the film without a director, but a co-producer – his DreamWorks was all set to co-finance the project.

Spielberg, whose last film “Lincoln” didn’t walk away with the plethora of awards he and the studio no doubt hoped it would’ve, had planned for “American Sniper” – which sounds like it might also be the type of film pre-packaged for awards consideration – to be his next project. Oh well, now he’s freed up to do the one we’d all prefer he got going on… “Hook 2 : Cap’s Still Hookin'”.

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