The Devil Inside Noyce’s Giver movie


Phillip Noyce has hired the Prada-wearing Devil to play the lead role in the filmmaker’s next, “The Giver”.

Meryl Streep will pop her ‘young adult, dystopian’ movie cherry on the film, which will shoot in South Africa.

Deadline, who revealed the casting coup, say “Streep will play the chief elder, the authoritarian charged with keeping order in a society that seems utopian. That control is endangered when a young man (Brenton Thwaites) is chosen to be the receiver of memories of life before the “sameness” movement which numbed the population and created conformism. Bridges plays the title character who delivers those memories that unlock a rebellion in the young man.”

The Weinstein’s – Harvey’s daughter is apparently a big fan of the book- have given Noyce (“Salt”, “Dead Calm”) 8 weeks to get the film shot.