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Growing Pains’ DiCaprio to play a Viking with Growling Pains?

“Great Gatsby” star to play King Harald, the Viking King, in a new film from Warner Bros

Leonardo DiCaprio is King. That we know. But now he’ll also be King Harald (as opposed to King Ralph, memorably brought to life by John Goodman).

Warner Bros has arranged for “The Great Gatsby” star to play the last great Viking King in the Mark L.Smith-pitched “King Harald”, says Deadline.

Should DiCaprio ultimately end up doing it (Didn’t I read the other day he wants the spend the better part of the next few years doing “Robotech” movies!?), he’ll produce via his Appian Way company.

King Harald was King of Norway for two decades, but his quest for power and thirst for battle led to his being exiled for a time to Russia and then returning in triumph. The film envisioned is a Braveheart-style story. DiCaprio, a history buff, has long been interested in headlining a Viking movie; he had once circled a film about Viking warriors that Mel Gibson was to direct.

I guess if Leonardo doesn’t end up starring in it, it’s possible he’ll stay on to produce it. His good friend Tobey Maguire could do with a thrown bone too.

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