Exclusive : Cam Gigandet would’ve starred in Point Break 2

New details on “Point Break Indo”, the once-proposed sequel to the 1991 action classic

You’ll have read they’re remaking ’90s classic “Point Break” soon (the film that taught us that it’s totally OK to lay on one’s back and shoot blanks into the sky; inadvertent commercial for baby making gone-wrong), with a new Bodhi and Johnny Utah expected to be announced sometime in the next six months. Originally though, the producers had wanted to do a sequel. It’d have been without the late Patrick Swayze, the eternally youthful Keanu Reeves and the frightening Gary Busey, but the follow-up would’ve still been connected to their film in some way.

And Moviehole wrote lots about the sequel back in the day.

Some will recall that “Point Break Indo” had been written, cast, and just about ready to film before it fell apart. I’m not quite sure why it went belly-up, and neither are my colleagues, but assumingly there was cold feet in dangling at the bottom of someone’s bed.. somewhere.

One of my colleagues caught up with Jeff Wadlow, the “Kick-Ass 2” director who was set to direct the “Point Break” sequel, and he shed some light on what might’ve been. Sounds like it might have been fun – and not only for “Twilight” fans.

“I actually got really close to making it”, the filmmaker said, “I went to South Africa to scout for it, and we got really serious about doing it.

“The main reason why I wanted to do it was Cam Gigandet, who played Ryan in Never Back Down, was going to play the lead. He brought the project to me, and I thought there was some exciting potential there. We were going to do like a City of God style surf movie that was set in South Africa where these guys were robbing tankers, and the FBI – who had been familiar with what the Dead Presidents had done decades earlier – would be brought in. There would’ve been some continuity there.”

The “Point Break” they’re doing now will have nothing to do with Wadlow’s film.

“Totally new company now. I’m actually still in touch with the producers – they’re great guys, I’m excited for them, and I actually read Kurt Wimmer’s script and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. While we were going to do like another installment, they’re completely restarting it.”

Damien Walshe-Howling and Rick Otto were also believed to have been attached, along with “Twilight” and “Never Back Down” star Gigandet, to “Point Break Indo”.

The new “Point Break”, announced in late 2011, will be produced by Alcon Entertainment who snapped up the rights from RGM. It will be set not so much in surfing, as it will the world of extreme sports – with an undercover FBI agent infiltrating that industry.

RGM’s unproduced “Point Break Indo” – said to be a 1.7m asset – has raised most of the finance from shareholders. The film was expected to be released in 2011.

I’m actually OK with the idea of a “Point Break” remake, I don’t see that film as an ‘untouchable’ classic like so many fellas do, but remake “She’s All That” and we’ll have to be having words Hollywood.

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