Because there isn’t enough vomit on TV, here comes an Exorcist series!


This one’s sure to turn heads.

Morgan Creek (who in addition to housing that groundbreaking “Ace Ventura” series, owns the rights to the horror classic) is celebrating “The Exorcist’s” upcoming 40th birthday in true Hollywood-style !…by exploiting the title!

The studio is trying to convince a network to take a punt on an “Exorcist” TV series. Jeremy Slater has apparently written the pilot episode, and Roy Lee – whose long line of horror classics includes “The Grudge” (oh shit) and “Dark Water” (Oh hell no!) – has agreed to executive produce.

Deadline, who broke this nugget, say Morgan Creek has been shopping an “Exorcist” series for a while; last year they tried to convince a station to take a gamble on another take they came up with, that one penned by Sean Durkin. This new pitch is said to be totally different from that one.

“No, this time it’s tomato soup she throws up!… and her mother doesn’t suck cocks in hell, her father does!” – Morgan Creek.