By George… Greer will be again for Tomorrowland


Either because she’s interested in good scripts OR because she still hasn’t managed to coax George Clooney into the sack, Judy Greer is reuniting with the former “E.R” heartthrob – whom she co-starred with in “Three Kings” and “The Descendants” – for the future blockbuster “Tomorrowland”.

Based on a ride at Disneyland (there’s your sales pitch right there!), the Brad Bird directed movie is some sort of futuristic thing involving robots and humans. (Oh way to go Liv, you just compared a potentially great movie to Spielberg’s “A.I.”).

Aside from Clooney the movie features Hugh Laurie and Britt Robertson.

Deadline has no word on what role Greer will play nor whether Clooney will remember her name this time out when she greets him on the set with a friendly ‘oh my god, hello!’

Greer recently completed work on the new “Planet of the Apes” flick. No wonder she jumped at the bit to do something with Clooney again.