Mother! They’re finally making Unforgiven with Sewing Machines!


Brit Kate Winslet and Aussie Judy Davis will battle acting-chop to acting-chop in “The Dresser”, said to be ‘Unforgiven’ with Sewing machines.

Australian writer-director Jocelyn Moorhouse is behind the “stylish drama with comic undertones”. The Hollywood Reporter says “Titanic” lifeboat-hogger Winslet plays Tilly, a woman who ”returns after many years in Europe to her small Australian outback hometown with revenge on her mind. Tilly, a talented couturier, returns to the remote country town from which she fled as a child after being accused of murder. She wants to make amends with her eccentric mother, Molly (Davis), but first must unravel the secrets of her past.”

“This is a project with rich, complex characters and an indelible Australian setting. Jocelyn is the perfect filmmaker to bring Rosalie Ham’s book to screens throughout the world,” producer Sue Maslin said. “The incredible assembly of talent in front of and behind the camera is testimony to the ambition of everyone involved to make a great film. We look forward to working with Universal Pictures to bring this project to Australian audiences.”

The film, due to shoot 2014, is likely to include graphic depiction of needles.