Wanna know how greedy and lazy Willis was?


Yesterday Sylvester Stallone tweeted that Bruce Willis left “Expendables 3” because he was “greedy” and “lazy”.

While TMZ await confirmation on those claims from Demi Moore, The Hollywood Reporter has done some digging and discovered the details of Willis’s sequel snub.

According to a source, Willis wanted one million dollars a day to reprise the role of ‘Church’*.

Willis was offered $3 million for four days of consecutive work on location in Bulgaria for the film, but he balked at the offer. “Yippee ki-ya-Mother-will-shoot-‘er!”.

Rather than cave in and pay Willis what he wanted, Stallone rang Harrison Ford who agreed to do it for that price (and Stallone cemented the deal with an offer to be his bodyguard at any forthcoming ‘Star Wars’ press days; agreeing to get ‘messy’ with 300-pound Admiral Ackbar’s if they asked anything Ford couldn’t answer). Ford signed on less than 72 hours after Willis dropped out. Quick turnaround.

Still… I’m offended that they’d call Bruce Willis lazy and greedy. I saw “Die Hard with a Veteran” and I think he was worth the entire 120 million. Hume Cronyn couldn’t have played that part better.

*If they want someone to play a Church, why not just go Wayne Knight? He’d be cheaper and more credible.