The Details


Spider-Man trilogy co-stars Tobey Maguire and Elizabeth Banks (Peter Parker and Betty Brant, respectively) get themselves entangled in another sticky, messy web of trouble in the new black comedy “The Details”.

Maguire, still donning the baby face looks that helped him snag the role of Spidey all those years ago, is the headline act in this quirky offering from Jacob Aaron Estes. He plays a husband and father who, starved of sex, at odds with the racoons that are tearing up his lawn, and striving to garner some attention, starts to see his life come undone – “American Beauty” style. And as we learn in the films opening moments, the young man’s infidelity, complicity and doesn’t just go away.

This is quite a departure for Maguire, if only because he’s playing an adult. But also because we’re not use to seeing the thirty-something actor swearing like a sailor and beseeching some doggie, it all plays very first time. Points to the actor for taking on such a different part, but also delivering with it.

Banks is equally as good, playing Maguire’s on-screen Mrs, but likely doesn’t stand out as much because her character is essentially the “straight man” part. More memorable, Laura Linney as the kooky neighbour whose cat Maguire’s character accidentally poisons.

The film is plagued with plausibility problems, and there will be a “what’s this movie trying to say?” question popping up throughout it, but all in all its a decent offering with commendable performances.

Extras : Alternate beginning and ending; both of which were better left off the film.