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Universal wants Dreamworks reject 39 Clues

Steven Spielberg and Shawn Levy were attached to direct at different stages at Dreamworks

Universal is in talks to acquire “39 Clues”, the Scholastic book series turned film that was recently put into turnaround by Dreamworks.

At the heart of the adventures series is “the story of the Cahills, billed as the most powerful family in history. Two siblings, who just discovered their heritage, are thrust into a race with their more devious relatives to uncover 39 clues in order to find ultimate power”, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The project has been in the works for a number of years, with Dreamworks optioning the rights to “Clues” in 2008, then envisioning it as a vehicle for Steven Spielberg to direct. Shawn Levy was recently attached to the project, shortly before it moved homes, but is no longer part of it.

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