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Elizabeth Olsen rumoured for Avengers 2 role

Would play the sibling of Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the Joss Whedon directed blockbuster

Elizabeth Olsen (“Oldboy”) might be slipping into some cosy skin-tight duds soon.

The in-demand young actress – apparently she’s also in-demand as far as film roles go to – is rumoured to be up for the role of Scarlet Witch in uber-geek Joss Whedon’s big “Avengers 2” picture.

Should it all work out, the busy fox will sport a European accent, in addition to a flaming hot costume, according to Bleeding Cool.

Interestingly enough, Soairse Ronan was previously reported to be the frontrunner for the part – the sketch dudes even drew the character up to look like young Ronan – but for some reason or another, Olsen’s notched her out of top place on the wish list. See this? No… this. That’s me not complaining.

Should Mary Kate and Ashley’s little sister win the gig, she’ll play sister to Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver – a dude who apparently has nothing to do with board shorts and surf wear.

“The Avengers 2” comes out 2015.

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