Olivia hoplelessly devoted to Depp’s Mortedaci


Funny, I was just thinking ‘wouldn’t it be nice to find an excuse to run some pictures of Olivia Munn?’
Found it.
The former G4TV vox-popper cum “Newsroom” head-turner is in talks to join Johnny Depp for the adaptation of Kyril Bonfigloi’s anti-hero art dealer novel “Mortedaci”, says Deadline.
The hard-to-pronounce offering, also featuring Ewan McGregor and Gwyneth Paltrow, has Edward Scissorhands wearing the guise of Charles Mortedaci.
No word on who ‘s playing Mortedaci’s long-serving manservant, but chances are it’s not Munn. She’s much more Slave Leia, than Man Slave.
David Koepp, the big-time Hollywood screenwriter (“Jurassic Park” etc) turned filmmaker, helms.
Munn next appears in.. my dreams.. followed by Scott Derrickson’s “Beware the Night”.