Reality Bites reaches winter of discontent at NBC


I was there at the beginning. And if this turns out as well as it sounds, I’ll also be there at the end (which, knowing how commercial TV works, could be about 3 episodes in).

Ben Stiller’s bringing his ’90s movie classic “Reality Bites” to TV. The show will follow the same storyline as the Winona Ryder-starring movie did – young woman, growing up in the ’90s, chronicles the adventures of her slacker friends with her camcorder.

Helen Childress, the movie’s writer, has returned to write the series.

It’s unlikely Ryder, Stiller, Ethan Hawke, Janeane Garafolo and Steve Zahn will reprise their on-camera roles for the series – since they’re now spending their evenings watching Lifetime, as opposed to dancing to boppy AM radio classics in gas stations.