X-Files‘ Chris Carter returns with new series The After


“X-Files” creator Chris Carter is returning to series television with “The After”, a new pilot he’s set up at Amazon Studios, says Deadline.

Carter’s first pilot in over a decade, the series will fix on the apocalypse. No doubt there’ll be an imaginative Carter-esque twist to what sounds like a fairly standard seen-that-before premise.

Georgeville TV CEO Marc Rosen previously said that “Chris has woven his mythology magic within a very human, grounded story about the moment when we realize all of our worst fears about the world and its future.”

Obviously Carter’s “X-Files” leads David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson won’t be involved, since they’ve commitments with other networks, but hopefully there’s a shot at seeing some Carter alum like Lance Henriksen, Terry O’Quinn and William B.Davis in the new show.