Matt Damon may be returning as Bourne; Beat that Batfleck!


Likely having read the “who gives a fuck about Aaron Cross!?” from the IMDB commentators, Universal may have changed the course of their next “Bourne” movie – and rightly, and welcomingly so.

While recent reports suggested that the next film will be a direct sequel to “The Bourne Legacy”, with Jeremy Renner again playing Bourne surrogate Cross, Twitch says plans may have tweaked. While the Aaron Cross flick might still happen (why!?), there’s also a determined effort in progress to get Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass, the director of Matt’s most recent “Bourne” films, to return.
With the Damon “Bourne” films doing significantly better with both the box-office and the critics, than the lone Renner “Bourne” movie, no surprise to hear that Universal has reached out to the “Elysium” actor to make a return. Whether he does or not, likely depends on Paul Greengrass – Damon has said he’d only ever want to do another ‘Bourne’ if Greengrass did.

Here’s Twitch‘s report :

Is Jason Bourne making a comeback on the big screen? Universal is working hard to make it happen, with Twitch learning that the studio is in simultaneous negotiations with both Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass for both to return to the Bourne franchise. We’re told Damon is only interested if Greengrass is directing so there are clearly a lot of moving parts here but if all comes together we could be seeing the return of the director and star of one of the strongest American action franchises of recent years.

And what, praytell, does this mean for Jeremy Renner and his Aaron Cross character? It’s not an either / or scenario between Renner and Bourne with Universal planning to continue with the Aaron Cross stream of Bourne films regardless of what happens on the Damon front, with potential crossover / merger of the character’s stories to be sorted out if and when Damon signs back up.

Variety offered an update, relaying info from Universal who say the story is false :

Universal has said there is no truth to the rumor Damon and director Paul Greengrass are in negotiations to return for another ‘Bourne’ feature.
Twitchfilm reported that the studio was in talks with both men to return for a new installment in the franchise but sources with the studio are denying the story saying there is nothing going on between the studio and Damon and Greengrass.

Universal would have no reason to lie, right? Of course they would! My money’s on Twitch – who have proved themselves reliable in the scoops department before – having gotten their hands on a nugget McHollywoods didn’t want released yet.