Ridley Scott and Sigourney Weaver reunite for Exodus


Ridley Scott is out to fill the movie poster of his next flick with names.

The Hollywood Reporter says filmmaker is reuniting with his “Alien” heroine Sigourney Weaver for “Exodus”, the biblical epic that will star Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton as Sunday School staples Moses and Ramses, respectively.

Weaver, who has spoken of a Scott reunion over the years (though most of us assumed it’d be for another “Alien” film – one in which Ripley brings an acid-spitting creature back to SoHo with her), plays Tuya, Ramses mother in the Twentieth Century Fox tentpole.

Also circling roles in the film, “Breaking Bad” alum Aaron Paul, who would play a Hebrew slave, and the eternally-employed John Turturro, who would play the hubby of Weaver’s character.

Whoever ends up in the flick is promised of a great holiday – the movie, set to lens in September, is filming in Morocco, London and Spain. Send us a postcard, Weavs.