Trailers/Featurettes : Under the Skin, Twelve Years A Slave, Running Wild, Carrie, Man of Thai Chi


Lots of new video content has hit the web over the past afterevenings, including a couple of featurettes for upcoming films, as well as some trailer material.

First “Under the Skin” Teaser

Scarlett Johansson. Festival fare. Sexy.

New “Carrie” featurette

Hit-Girl. Pigs Blood. Reboot worries.

New “12 Years a Slave” Featurette

Oscar bait. Brad Pitt. Steve McQueen.

“Running Wilde : The Life of Dayton O’Hyde” Trailer

Real Cowboy. Doco. History!

New Trailer for “The Man of Thai Chi”

Karate. Keanu. November.