Hollywood doing movie that sounds like a character Steven Seagal might’ve played : Max Steel


Mother’s favourite toy has been the subject of dozens of movies, so it’s due time the kid’s favourite play device made his screen debut (sorry, too much?).

“Max Steel”, the toy cum movie that Mattel has been trying to slap together for a few years now (at one stage with “Twilight” muscles Taylor Lautner set to star), is back on. Dolphin Entertainment and Open Road have taken charge – taking over from Paramount – setting Christopher Yost (”Thor: The Dark World”) and Stewart Hendler (“Sorority Row”) to direct.

“We couldn’t think of a better property to kick off Dolphin’s feature film division than Max Steel, which tells a story of the power of friendship and teamwork, with a heavy dose of humor – all qualities we hope to bring to our partnership with the Mattel team,” said Dolphin Entertainment CEO Bill O’Dowd.

The movie will come out in 2014 – either before or after some of the “One Direction” guys.

For those unfamiliar with ‘Max Steel’, like myself, here’s YouTube with some added info :