Previously on top of Hugh Grant, Liz Hurley’s now headlining a new E! series


The buxom model cum Hugh handbag has snared the lead in the hourlong E! pilot ”The Royals”, from Lionsgate TV and Mark Schwahn and producers Brian Robbins & Joe Davola, according to Deadline.
Much like the Oscar-robbed classic “King Ralph”, “The Royals” will take a look at a fictional royal family. Shakespeare plays a part in it too, apparently.

Here’s how Nikki’s crew describes it :

Part fairy tale, part cautionary tale, the show is described as a tale of men and women corrupted by power, wealth and desire. I’ve learned that Hurley will play the sexy, devious and conflicted Queen Helena, who struggles to cope with the death of her oldest son and the crisis of confidence this creates with her husband, King Simon, while working to deter the growing relationship between her middle son, now the heir apparent, and his American girlfriend.

Hurley, who popped up in “Gossip Girl” a year or so ago, never really busted out in America (insert thinly-threaded dress joke here) so maybe this’ll be the one that stops people from referring to her as “that good-looking chick Hugh cheated on with a prostitute that looked like a bloke”.