Charles Grodin and Candice Bergen join The Michael J.Fox Show


This is news cool enough to melt the felt off a Muppet.

Charles Grodin, a guy who barely gets out of bed for less than 50k-an-hour and a bag of ham, is returning to the box – and for Michael J.Fox’s new show, no less.

The Midnight Running Muppet Capering Grodin is partnering with ‘Murphy Brown’ alum Candice Bergen to play Fox’s on-screen parents on NBC’s “The Michael J.Fox Show”, according to Deadline.

Now one almost expected Fox to cast his “Family Ties” parents, or some “Spin City” alumni, in the matriarch/patriarch parts – since he does love recycling – but this might even work better. Gives the sitcom a douse of fresh Pty Ltd.

Grodin doesn’t do a lot of acting these days – popped up in that shitty Jason Bateman movie “Extract” a couple of years ago, though – and is renowned to turn down anything that’s a bit of a hassle (he passed on reprising his “Great Muppet Caper” role for “The Muppets” back in 2011), but seems to be coming around to doing more things though. Good to see.