Doomsday clock moves closer to midnight : Brett Ratner producing Madame Butterfly redo.


Yeah, I don’t know about you, but when I think ‘Madame Butterfly’, my mind automatically goes to “Rush Hour 3” and a pool full of broads with their busts covered in expensive snow. So this makes sense.

Brett Ratner – the cinematic equivalent of a temperamental bouncer working a school librarian vocation – has wrangled himself another check for a job he’s not necessarily suited for.

The “X-Men : The Last Stand” director is producing a new version of ‘classic’ “Madame Butterfly”, says Screen Daily, with Poland’s Alvernia Studios. “Magnitude 9” will be helmed by Arnieska Vosloo (thought it read ‘Arnold Vosloo’, the dude from “The Mummy” movies originally and was about to slam the keyboard into the wall) directed redo. Vosloo directed the forgettable Christina Ricci flick “After Life” a couple of years ago.

Ratner, who is producing things with James Packer these days (films, I believe – though I could be wrong), is quite taken with the “tragic love story set against the 2011 tsunami in Japan as an ambitious US Navy officer encounters a mysterious local girl as he prepares to return home to his fiancée in Washington.”

“Magnitude 9 is one of the more powerful scripts I’ve read in a long time,” said Ratner, who is currently directing the similar-themed “Hercules”.

“It combines a great love story around a natural disaster and beautifully tells the story of the incredible lengths people will go through for love.”

Production will begin in 2014, giving Ratner enough time to coax Chris Tucker into a corset.