TV Teaser for True Detectives with McConaughey, Harrelson


Either they’ve been video-taped at a ‘legalize weed’ rally together, or Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson have finally got around to buddying up again for work.

The “ed TV” duo (they played brothers, you’ll recall) play tin men in the HBO offering “True Detectives”. Suspense, twists, chilling music, good characters.. only thing missing from this reunion seems to be Jenna Elfman, a tub of KY, and some Jon Bon Jovi. And some mull, of course.

But seriously, how great is this ‘limited’ series (they’re like the Diet Coke of seasons – only half the episodes of the normal variety TV show season) going to be? Hard to tell from the teaser here, which is quicker than the peck you’ll get at a kissing booth, but I’m sure it’ll be Toyota strong.