Are Michael Biehn and Linda Hamilton going Terminating again!?


I’m torn on whether I should actually run this, because the source is about as solid as Enchilada discharge, but because I have heard something similar myself, I’ll give it a run – and see what happens.
According to The Mirror (ya see? not exactly The DeadHollyrietyHuffingtonLine Post, right?), original “Terminator” stars Michael Biehn and Linda Hamilton may be reprising their roles as Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor for the next installment in the Skynet-crushing series.
What I’ve heard, and granted this was a ways back, was that the film would take a page out of Abrams’ “Star Trek” – resetting the events of the previous “Terminator” films, thus offering deceased characters like Reese and Connor a chance to live again. Or breathe again… as Toni Braxton prefers.
The Mirror reiterates that. The publication adds that the duo would rejoin original co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger – who, I take it, will be reprising his ageless (ha ha!) cyborg character from the 1984 flick. The phenomenon that is ass-wrinkle cream, I tell ya – who’ll be pocketing a sumly $20m for his participation in the film.
When McG was onboard his “Terminator Salvation” sequel he was interested in playing with the timelines – at one stage he was said to be keen on getting “T2” star Robert Patrick back to play the creator of the T-1000 robot (the character he played)- and when Justin Lin was attached to direct this film, he’d said he had hoped to find a way to have the late Sarah Connor live again. So playing with timelines seems to have been on the cards long before Patrick Lussier and starting writing the script.
But again, nobody – but those in the know – can know for sure whether that’s indeed a plot element, or whether or not these casting rumours are on the money.
But Holy Rick Rossovich! Wouldn’t it be great to see Biehn back as Kyle Reese!? It’d be some stout sized comeback for the actor, who hasn’t been a part of the series since playing to an audience of ants on the cutting room floor, where his deleted bits from “T2” would drop.