Lucasfilm get a Han Job! Solo movie due in 2016!


Luke, we’re gonna have company.

The previously-announced “Star Wars” spin-off movies will be origin stories, according to Bleeding Cool.

While we’d previously heard that cinematic beginnings of Yoda and Boba Fett may be on the cards, the outlet says we might also be about to learn how Han Solo and Chewbacca first made buddy-buddy.

A “Han Solo” origins film wouldn’t, obviously, star Harrison Ford (though maybe he can narrate it? much as he did that episode of ‘Young Indiana Jones’? – with crusty old Indy waxing on about an adventure he had as a young snake-scared adventurer)  so Lucasfilm are said to have already began the hunt for a perfect surrogate – someone about 50 years younger, and ideally, oozing charm.

So, whatcha think of this idea? You a little torn like a dog-eared Choose-your-own-adventure book, too? I think, while as interesting as it might be to see how Solo started out, it’d be much more interesting to see a film about the smuggler and his Wookie sidekick getting into some latter-day mischief. And I think, if the previous “Star Wars” trilogy proved anything, it’s that nobody is much interested in “Star Wars” prequels.

Having said that, JJ Abrams prequelized the “Star Trek” universe, and did a great job at that; if he’s involved in the spin-off – just as he is “Star Wars Episode VII” (which will bring back ‘old’ Solo, played by Ford) – there’s half-a-chance this thing might turn out reasonable.  No.. wait.. I’m still torn. I dunno.

Whatever the case, apparently the idea is to have the ‘Han Solo’ movie released in 2016, the year after “Star Wars Episode VII” comes out. The Yoda and Boba Fett movies would then follow in 2018, and 2020 (Basically, there’ll be a new “Star Wars” movie out every year from 2015).

Begin your casting speculation for young Solo… now.