Breakdown. Shakedown! Jerry Bruckheimer rejoins Beverly Hills Cop franchise!


Axel Foley just took a step in the right direction – which, if you ask most, is simply backing the fuck away from the Wonder World entrance.

Jerry Bruckheimer, the legendary action maestro who produced the first two films in the “Beverly Hills Cop” franchise (but smartly skipped on the dreadful third chapter), looks to be reprising his role as producer on the newly-announced “Beverly Hills Cop 4”, according to Variety.

Bruckheimer had been onboard an earlier incarnation of “Beverly Hills Cop 4”, about three or four years ago, but lost interest in the idea – much like the series’ fans did. But due to whatever reason (hopefully someone knows someone who knows someone who actually has a decent idea for a fourth film?), Bruckheimer’s getting back involved.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” producer, who is also reportedly getting a third “Bad Boys” movie off the ground, wasn’t involved in the recently-canned “Beverly Hills Cop” TV series pilot.