Is Hot Tub Time Machine 2 a murder mystery? Rob Corddry tells MH as much!


Is the upcoming “Hot Tub Time Machine 2″ a murder mystery?

Well, if it is, it’s sure to be one that skips the seriousness of a De Palma or Fincher flick.

Speaking to one of the film’s stars, Rod Corddy, we discovered that the film does include a ‘murder’ subplot. The actor, reuniting with Clark Duke and Craig Robinson from the original, suggests the time-traveling is in the name of solving murder, this time around.

”It takes place ten years in the future. Adam Scott plays a son (the offspring of John Cusack’s character from the original) ten years in the future who’s conceived in 1986 when we were on that ski trip and we’re basically trying to solve a murder and fix this hot tub because it always breaks for whatever reason.”

Do we got out on a limb and suggests it’s the murder of John Cusack’s character they’re solving (thus, bringing his son into proceedings)? Guess we’ll find out in the new year, when “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” hits theatres.