Downton Abbey shingle to tell Winston Churchill story


The wise financialites behind TVs “Downton Abbey” seemingly plan on capturing the ’20s on film (though, is it even film anymore? Aren’t most of these shows shot on Red now? A question for a recently retrenched Kodak executive I guess!) a little longer. London’s Carnival Films, the shingle behind the popular British drama, are putting together a series based on 20th Century politico Winston Churchill, according to Deadline.

Source of the series’ storylines will be Michael Shelden’s true-life Edwardian saga, ”Young Titan”, which was published in March.

The book fixes largely on Churchill’s early years (1901-1915) – before he made the top-hat, cigar and droopy sad-face combo so chic.

The idea is to launch the series in the UK, before finding a US home for it.