Ray Wise says David Lynch is actively pursuing bringing Twin Peaks back!


I’ve done back flips so many times reading prematurely-announced “Twin Peaks” revival news that my hot live-in nurse has prevented me from even logging onto fan sites for the show. Lucky thing she just went out to pick up a tin of roasted cashews (she likes nuts, you see).

Holy heck! Here we go again!

Welcome to Twin Peaks seems to have bonafide, legit word from “Twin Peaks” icon Ray Wise that Leland and the oddjobs from the picturesque town might be making a return.

Yes, Yes.. I know.. we’ve all heard it before, and numerous times over the past twelve months, but Wise seems to sound as if he knows what he’s talking about. Furthermore, he does still kick around with “Peaks” co-creator David Lynch, so would be privy to such information.

Here’s the story :

The beloved Ray Wise recently reaffirmed that David Lynch is planning a Twin Peaks revival on TV, Welcome to Twin Peaks learned from Nick Sala who last summer worked as a production assistant on an independent film called Guardian Angel, starring Ray Wise as an attorney.
“Had a chance in between camera set ups to strike up a conversation with him.” Nick Sala writes. Because Ray Wise is one of his all time heroes, Nick broke the usual chain of protocol regarding talking to talent. Out of courtesy, he didn’t bring up Twin Peaks right away and instead mentioned Psych. To great effect, because it didn’t take long for Ray to talk about that show’s Twin Peaks homage, which consequently lead to the actor recounting his meeting with David Lynch a few months ago in Newport Beach, California. Ray Wise said David Lynch told him he was “over making movies” and instead wanted to “focus on his music and TV“.
“That’s when [Ray Wise] dropped the bomb and said that David Lynch is actively pursuing bringing Twin Peaks back to audiences in the near future.“

The website was provided with photos from the P.A, taken from the set of the film, which adds weight to his claim.
Still, I’ll wait for the official announcement – or better still, I’ll wait for David Lynch to stick a video on Vine where he’s giving the thumbs up while Julee Cruise plays in the background.
Even if nothing eventuates, we’ll always have this…