Cranston mightn’t have time for Lex Luthor anyway; actor signs for Trumbo biopic


Bryan Cranston mightn’t have time to play Metropolis mega-villain Lex Luthor anyway, he’ll be busy playing Blacklisted Scribe Dalton Trumbo in a new biopic from “Austin Powers” director Jay Roach.

Deadline says the “Breaking Bad” star has signed to star in the fact-based feature of the man who broke the Hollywood blacklist. It’s the actors first-post TV series gig.

The John McNamara-written script will encompass all the juicy nuggets of Trumbo’s life.

Trumbo was the highest paid screenwriter in the world when, in 1950, he was sent to prison for refusing to answer the questions of Congress’ infamous House UnAmerican Activities Committee. Rebellious even after his release, Trumbo became the movies’ most prolific blacklisted writer, secretly writing such classics as Roman Holiday and winning two Academy Awards — under fake names.

It was no easy living though, as the blacklist remained unbreakable and destroyed careers, friendships and lives. Trumbo’s relationship with wife and children were tested almost to the breaking point, but nothing could stop his campaign to break the boycott. In the end, Trumbo helped ignite a battle against Hollywood and D.C., eventually clearing his name and ending the blacklist once and for all.

“Trumbo” is due to kick-off early 2014.

Cranston’s last episode of “Breaking Bad” airs September 29.