20 new pics of Katniss and friends to hold off those Hunger pains!


20 new Twitter- apposite pics from Lionsgate’s big money-sucker “The Hunger Games : Catching Fire”, have been released.

Spotlighting near the entire cast, including the adorably versatile Stanley Tucci (Should be awarded simply for his body movements in this part!) as well as Aussie boy Liam Hemsworth, and Jennifer Lawrence as our plucky heroine, it’s a huge, dissimilar batch of jpegs we’ve here.

We’ve seen a bit of the film already, and I tell ya, it’s a lot of fun. The next, penned by Clint’s old friend Danny Strong, is shaping up to be even better – think “Godfather II” of the “Hunger Games” quadrilogy! – there’s apparently some amazing things planned around the promotion for it happening at next July’s Comic-Con, too! If you’re a “Hunger Games” fan (and, for that matter, “Star Wars” fan), and have always wanted to try ‘Comic-Con’, I’d say next year is the year to go. It’ll be insane. Weather is pretty great at that time of year in San Diego, too!

“The Hunger Games : Catching Fire” ignites onto screens month after next.

Click any of the pics to get a bigger peek.