JJ Abrams on Star Wars tone, Cumberbatch rumors


With that ‘Benedict Cumerbatch will be recycled for JJ’s next film, Star Wars’ rumour hotly doing the rounds, it was only time before someone actually reached out to Abrams to comment on the rumour (always a good thing to do, I believe.) In this case, an L.A Times Reporter quizzed Abrams on the whisper that his “Star Trek Into Darkness” star will be rejoining him for “Star Wars Episode 7” – thus further cross-pollinating the “Trek” and “Wars” galaxies – and surprisingly, Abrams didn’t flat out deny the rumour. In fact, if pushed further, he might’ve even confirmed Cumberbatch’s casting.

Abrams is well-known for keeping the casting and plot of his films under wraps for as long as he can, so the fact that he actually comes out and says he “loves that guy” – in terms of Cumerbatch – is much more than one would expect from the refutation nerd.

Maybe sometime between now and Christmas he’ll also be asked about the many other casting rumours? Saorise Ronan, Michael B.Williams, David Oyelowo and so on. But I guess they have to actually confirm the returning original players first.

Meantime, if even to settle my nerves, Abrams telling the press that his debut in the “Star Wars” world will be “emotional and authentic”.

Speaking to EW, the king of the BadRobot crew suggests he’ll be making a movie that harkens back to the original trilogy.

“I would say we are working really hard to make a movie that feels as emotional and authentic and exciting as possible… I remember reading a thing somewhere, someone wrote about just wanting [the new film] to feel real; to feel authentic. I remember I felt that way when I was 11 years old when I saw the first one. As much of a fairy tale as it was, it felt real. And to me, that is exactly right.”

So, no ‘Roger, Roger’ then?