Trailers for Don Hemingway and About Last Night


My old mate Richard Shepard (“The Matador”) has a dandy flick due out soon called “Don Hemingway”. Flick stars Richard E.Grant and Jude Law, among others, and is a black-comedy about a newly back-on-the-streets safecracker (yes, it’s “The Real McCoy” – with 90% extra plot!). The pic hits the UK multiplexes in November, and the US popcorn houses in the New Year.
Here’s the new trailer :

Meanwhile, a new trailer for the remake of one of my ‘old favourites’ “About Last Night” (1986) has hit the net. Can’t say it does much for me. Maybe it’s the absence of Lowe and Moore. Maybe it’s the absence of Belushi. Maybe it’s the lack of Sax. Maybe it’s the fact I can’t hear Bob Segar in the trailer.